Discipleship Homes

A chance at a new life in a positive environment with fellow disciples

Finding our identity in Jesus changes everything. The pathway to discipleship involves living a life that reflects this new identity. We no longer identify with the flesh but with Christ. When we live according to our fleshly nature, it is a false identity. Our lives are to reflect all that His identity evokes. We are to live in community with other believers, reaching toward the goal of bringing others the Good News of the Gospel.

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For people released from prison who want to live by the Word of God and claim control over their lives our discipleship homes, located in Topeka and Wichita, KS, facilitate an opportunity to reintegrate into the community within a supportive environment where restoration and healing is the primary focus. Students will participate in daily guided Bible studies, feeding their spirit the nourishment of the Word and empowering them to practice its instructions in their daily life. Each house is led by a dedicated House Director who offer spiritual guidance to ensure that each student fulfills their commitments to the program, giving them the best opportunity to be successful.

Sponsor a House!

With a monthly donation of $2500, you or your church can sponsor one of our discipleship houses! This generous contribution will go toward administrative costs, maintenance, transportation, and all other costs associated with running the house.

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